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Silvertone Hills are an indie-rock group from Hamilton, Ontario. The band's sound fuses memorable melodies with jangling guitars and energetic grooves. Their sound is one influenced by pop-rock greats of the late 60's, while turning up the aggression and sonic textures alike modern rock kings and queens.


[Rock n Roll music]

[Man] So like, didn't know like should we keep playing should we like, call an ambulance, like.

[Interviewer] And what did you do?

[Man 2] We kept playing.

[Man] We kept playing.


[Man] In the spirit of rock and roll we kept playing.

[Rock n Roll music]

♪ I wanna see, how far we can go ♪

[Rock n Roll music]

[Narrator] Silvertone Hills began life in Hamilton, Ontario in 2017, on a mission to show the world the power of the simple pop melody.

Drawing influence from Oasis, The Beatles and Tom Petty, guitarist Andrew Billone and vocalist Liam O'Sullivan sought to revitalize the indie rock landscape.

They built their repertoire over the next 12 months playing watering holes and popular local venues.

Their first EP, Follow Suit, was released in early 2018, receiving such praise as:

"Start listening to Silvertone Hills so you can be one of those, I heard them before they made it big, listeners".

In 2019 they embarked on their first tour spanning London to Montreal, culminating in a packed EP release show for Running in Circles at Hamilton's Mills Hardware.

[Chris] What was your favourite city?

[Liam] For me Montreal for sure.

[Chris] Yeah?

[Liam] Yeah.

[Liam] I'd only been to Montreal a couple times before that, but um, yeah the, like the music scene, from what I saw there was, was awesome there was like, like, 70 people came out to our show and like the people that we're, hanging out with at the show like, we're hanging out with all weekend.

[Narrator] In winter 2020 they returned to the studio to produce two new singles, Reaction and Upside Down, their most energetic to date.

In the midst of filming the video for Reaction, crisis struck when the COVID pandemic halted all plans.

They were forced to cancel another tour and postpone shooting indefinitely.

Band members were quarantined at home and confined to internet interactions.

With the tightening of restrictions in the summer, they completed filming.

[Rock n Roll music]

[Chris] So you guys had not finished your music video from last year.

Are you guys planning on finishing that this year?

[Andrew] Yeah, the uh, the video is pretty funny we um, we're the characters in this video and we uh, we're all kind of, playing in a poker game that goes wrong when,someone decides to cheat and I take major offence to cheating.

[Rock n Roll music]

[Narrator] During the downtime, the band has kept relatively quiet, putting their efforts into compiling a large back catalog for studio material, and for their next single,Silvertone Hills promises, the best is yet to come.

[Chris] When can fans expect some new singles coming from you guys?

[Andrew] So we're hoping to put out at least two to three singles throughout the year, starting in spring.

And and with this new music that we're writing, we find that it's, the themes are dealing with personal stuff, but it's also some of our most relatable, just based on what's been happening lately and uh, us really hunkering down on the themes and lyrics of everything.

So we're, we're excited to share that with everyone.

[Chris] So I wanna thank you guys again, for sitting down with me.

Why don't  you tell people where we can find you on social media.

[Liam] So you can find us on Facebook, Instagram and any streaming platforms at Silvertone Hills.

♪ rocks and fallen trees ♪

♪ You say the water's lava ♪

Latest song - Upside Down


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